Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Module

About This Course

We ask each Methodist to commit to life-long learning about the rich diversity of human life as part of our discipleship in following Jesus Christ. We do not want this course to be a tick box activity. Instead, we hope we can stay open to what we have yet to learn, so we can continue to develop as Methodists.

This course may take you a few hours to complete depending on your pace of study - you do not have to do it all in one go. You can work through the material as and when you can, clicking on any blue links that are of interest if you would like to look at those in more detail. In order to complete the course, you will need to work your way through all the material, watch all the videos (make sure they play to the end), and answer all the multiple-choice questions within the sections. If you do not get them right, you can repeat them. There will also be opportunities to reflect on the material with some questions asking for you to type answers. While nobody will be checking your responses, we hope you will make use of the chance to think about the impact of this course, so that we can all make changes.

Some of us are more likely to experience prejudice and discrimination than others. If it makes sense for you to stop this training at any point, please do so and speak with your minister or Learning Network officer about how you can undertake this training in a more supported environment.

Case studies and stories play a central role in this course as they show real experiences, both positive and negative. The stories demonstrate how issues arise through different people’s life experiences. They help us to understand the pain of isolation, patterns of exclusion and inclusion, oppression, discrimination, joy, hope and fear. By sharing these case studies, we hope to encourage reflection, understanding and change on everyone’s part. Above all, we hope that by listening to one another, including those of us who are sometimes unheard or marginalised, we will all have our own prejudices challenged. This can help us all in the ongoing journey where we are still being changed into God’s likeness.


This version of the course is in English. If you would benefit from taking the course in Welsh please go to Cydraddoldeb, Amrywiaeth a Chynhwysiant, Cwrs sylfaen and enrol in that version instead.

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