Creating Safer Spaces - Advanced Module

About this course

The Advanced Module builds on the learning from the Foundation Module to ensure that you are fully equipped to fulfil your safeguarding responsibilities within the Methodist Church. So it is important that you have completed the Foundation Module prior to starting this online programme. The course is split into three parts:
  • E-learning (Units 1-5a) – approximately four to seven hours which can be completed in smaller sections. Alongside the e-learning, please complete the workbook which you will need to take to the Gathered Session.
  • Gathered Session (Unit 5b) – a two-hour facilitated session to consolidate your online learning.
  • Handbook – to support learning during the Advanced Module and for further study and resources.
Engagement in all three elements of the Advanced Module will enable you to meet these aims. Enrolment for this course is processed by the District Safeguarding Teams, information about the gathered session will be provided by the person who enrols you in the course. Please read their email thoroughly.


The aims of the Advanced Module are to consolidate and develop your previous safeguarding learning and:
  • extend your understanding of responding well to groups within our different church communities
  • further equip you with skills and resources to be confident in promoting good practice in the church and community
  • explore what this means in your designated role of responsibility within the Church.


These will be demonstrated by:
  • appreciating the Methodist Church’s theological understanding of safeguarding
  • learning from the Methodist Church’s ongoing witness to improved safeguarding practice and lessons from the Past Cases Review, new research and evidence-based practice
  • understanding how a positive safeguarding culture may deter abusive and grooming behaviour
  • identifying and understanding the reactions of groups and individuals who are impacted by safeguarding incidents or concerns
  • having a clear focus on listening well, hearing and responding to those who have been hurt or abused
  • understanding effective record-keeping
  • knowing how to take appropriate action to share relevant information or concerns within the boundaries of your role
  • applying today’s learning to your role and future steps you will take.
Purple outline drawing of a person looking into an oval mirror.We are aware that for some people the content of this module may cause distress and anxiety. Within the materials this symbol will appear at certain points, to indicate particular moments when you may need to look after yourself. If you have any concern whatsoever, please discuss this as soon as possible with either your minister, pastoral support or DSO.
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