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Circuit Stewards are vital to the life and work of the Methodist Church in Britain. Inviting the appropriate ministers, overseeing finance and supporting local churches tackling the challenges of being church in the 21st century are top of the agenda for the circuit steward. As well as these practical challenges circuit stewards are also commissioned to take on strategic leadership decisions. Because the role gives a panoramic view of the circuit, stewards are able to help co-ordinate the development of evangelism and mission within local churches in their area. Along with ministers, probationers and other circuit stewards, stewards form a leadership team. This means they take responsibility for the spiritual direction and wellbeing of the churches in their circuit. This training course is designed for circuit stewards to reflect on their role and responsibilities. We hope you will find it both useful in your day to day role as a steward, and thought-provoking in some of the questions that the material asks you to reflect on. At various points during the material you are asked to find an opportunity to talk with others about what you are reading. There are a variety of ways you can do that. It may be that several people from your Circuit have signed up together. This resource complements other learning resources, which you will be signposted to throughout the course, including the Circuit Stewards handbook - the latest version of which can be found on the Methodist Church website. Please note, that all case studies within this course are based on real experiences, anonymised for our learning purposes.

Course Staff

Tricia Mitchell

Tricia is a Learning Development Manager working  for the Learning Network of the Methodist Church. Tricia is an experienced facilitator with a background in circuit development and particularly enjoys working with small groups. Contact Tricia:

Jenna Thorne

Jenna is a Learning & Development Officer for the Learning Network aligned with the East Anglia District. Jenna has an extensive background in creative arts ministry, theatre and community work. Jenna works part time and is also Artistic/ Executive Director of therapeutic arts charity, Talitha Arts. Contact Jenna:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enrol myself in this training?

Yes. Find the red 'Enroll' button on this page and click it. The course is free and once you've clicked the enrol button you'll be enrolled in the course and it will display on your dashboard to begin.

The course has a start date of 4th March 2024, can I still join it?

Yes. The course is open to enrolment and while it launched in March 2024 you can begin it at any time.
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  • Start Date: Mar 04, 2024